The Old Patagonian Express

Like in Paul Theroux's slightly boring book that I never actually finished and left in a crummy hostel dorm; it's time to jump off the last train and catch the Old Patagonian Express. 

Good Clean Heart is playing it's last week, and it's fully sold out. The reviews have been wonderful & the audiences have been full of compliments. It's been a great ride, and very exiting to get involved with The Other Room and all it's lovely team. I now need to find a play so that I can propose something to them. Suggestions welcome.

And now I find myself returning to dear old South America much earlier than expected, as I have the privilege of working as 'Emerging Director' - still finding out what this means - with National Theatre Wales on their new production {150}It's going to be everything we've come to expect from an NTW show; large scale, found space, performance, dance, film, and it feels like it could be awesome. 

I've also been kindly awarded a Waleslab R&D grant so that Kirsty Harris and I can continue to develop and make our exiting new project for the stars - New North Stars [Working Title]. This Summer we'll be going away to interview adventuring astronauts, knowledgable astronomers and quizzical children, then scurrying away to rural Mid-Wales to write and play and work. This also means I can update the holding page on this website which is brilliant and has only been driving me slightly mad.

Wonderful things all round. Watch the skies!